Success Stories


One of our most successful undertakings ever was the Istanbul Airport BOT Project. Today, the Atatürk International Airport serves approximately 45 million passengers. It is by far the largest airport in Turkey.

From the beginning of the 1990s, the Turkish government (via the Civil Aviation Authority DHMI) had tried to privatise the international passenger terminal of the airport through a build-operate-transfer (BOT) contract. However, for a number of reasons (e.g. formal mistakes, bidders’ objections, political intervention, etc.), the first five attempts failed. In 1998, the sixth attempt was launched. ACV (at that time as a 50% subsidiary of Vienna International Airport - VIE) established the TAV consortium (Tepe-Akfen-Vienna), comprising VIE and two Turkish construction companies, Tepe and Akfen.

The TAV consortium delivered its technical and financial bid alongside 11 other bidders in mid 1998. The primary selection criterion was a non-monetary investment: the shortest operational period after finalisation of construction. The TAV consortium committed itself to investing USD 306 million for the construction of the terminal and offered an operation period of 4 years, 8 months and 20 days. Based on our advice, the TAV consortium won the concession. 

The concession agreement was signed in summer 1998 and after 18 months the turn key construction was completed. On 10th January 2000, the terminal was officially opened.
Throughout the project, we provided key input for positioning the Atatürk International Airport as a successful and leading airport operation in Turkey. The team around ACV was highly commended for its professionalism and excellent results achieved. We succeeded in establishing an excellent mutual understanding with TAV during the course of the BOT project for the design, development and construction of the new 14 million capacity passenger terminal and the multi-storey car park. Additionally, we implemented the Terminal Operations Manual which we developed in line with the particular needs of the airport. The success of the terminal operations concept was later duplicated in an Integrated Management Information System.
After the award of the BOT project for the new International Passenger Terminal in Istanbul, a tailor-made Technical Services Agreement (TSA) with a predominant focus on a performance-driven success fee was negotiated with the Turkish partners. The TSA included a VIE know-how transfer via ACV to a locally established company. The know-how transfer commenced during the construction phase of the terminal with the recruitment and training of the staff of the new airport company.

Special training programs were part of the hands-on technology and know-how transfer and included various aspects of management, operation and maintenance of the new passenger terminal and car park. The agreement was later changed to a consultancy-based agreement for the provision of airport operational and management services on an on-request basis.
The project was a full success for all parties concerned – for VIE, Tepe, Akfen and ACV!

Extremely satisfied, Mr. Sani Sener, CEO of TAV, stated the following: “Over the past few years, we have been able to establish a very successful cooperation with ACV. This greatly contributed on the one hand to the international recognition of the airport and on the other hand to positioning the Atatürk International Airport as a successful and leading airport operation in Turkey.”

We are still working together with TAV – today a well-known international airport operator - on a project-by-project basis.