Project Management

Airport operations are characterized by complex structures and processes. All different sections must work together like a cogwheel. The project manager will plan, control and monitor all ongoing projects so that the normal operation is influenced as little as possible. With several years of project management experience at airports, our customers can be confident that all fields are captured and analysed. It is important to meet the expectations of all stakeholders and to meet the project-costs, project-deadlines and defined quality.
We use only experienced project managers for all our projects. The project management method used will be decided depending on the project, scope and contract.


  • Demand analysis
  • Detailed traffic volume analysis (passengers, aircraft movements, cargo volumes, catering, fuel tons, etc.)
  • Peak hour analysis of passengers, aircraft movements, etc.
  • Constraints analysis
  • Definition of quality standards
  • Elaboration of a design parameter catalogue
  • Capacity calculation – top-down approach – based on quality standards, benchmarks and ADM’s international experience
  • Elaboration of a comprehensive capacity model, rough space and allocation programme
  • Conceptual planning
  • Phasing concept – ultimate vision
  • Functional layout
  • Rough cost estimation per phase/development step
  • Elaboration of rough technical specifications


  • Control of project duration and dates
  • Cost control
  • Quality control
  • Reporting to the management
  • Countermeasures in case of deviations steps


  • Professional project management is a key success criterion of projects
  • Due to appropriate controls deviations from the plan can be corrected in time
  • Deadlines, costs and defined qualities can be keptsteps