ACV is a pioneer in strategic advisory services for airports. More than 20 years ago, we have started providing strategic support to the Vienna, Salzburg and Kiev airports.
Strategy is a broad definition. In terms of airport development, it always requires a sound market understanding of both regional and international markets. A tailor-made airport strategy has to address the following key questions:

  • Vision: What is the airport’s vision? Where will it be in 20 or 30 years? How will development be managed?
  • Positioning: Who are the airport’s most important clients and market segments? How can the airport be positioned in a highly competitive environment? Which tariff policy should be chosen?
  • Strategic Success Factors: What factors will contribute to the airport’s success in future? Which are the hidden weaknesses and threats? How can the airport’s strengths be turned into opportunities?
  • Outsourcing: Which are the airport’s core business segments? Which tasks and services should the airport provide in-house? Which services and tasks can be outsourced – and how?
  • Strategic Initiatives: What will be necessary to achieve the business plan targets? How can change be implemented? What does the short-, medium- and long-term action plan look like?
  • Scenarios: Which scenario has to be chosen as the most likely one for development? What constitutes a low case scenario and what does the high case scenario look like? What are the risks and what the benefits?

Strategy Projects